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SCEC approved transportation of ICT media

SHDD offers SCEC Endorsed transport through established transport providers. We have long-term relationships with SCEC Endorsed (Safe Hand) transportation providers for the highest level of secure transportation. Further, due to the volume of classified information we move nationally, we are highly experienced in designing transportation solutions from all states and capital cities.

SHDD has a range of SCEC Endorsed and approved transport solutions, and cleared staff members. In cases of a national transport requirements, SHDD has a standing agreement with TNT FedEx (SAFE HAND) for the provision of person-to-person delivery solutions. The SCEC endorsed transportation solutions are in accordance with ASIO T4 and PSPF requirements for the transportation of (Classified) ICT media. This service provides for the movement of classified information across Australia, while meeting all Government compliance standards.

Secure Packaging

SHDD designed and patented a SCEC Approved packaging solution for the Department of Defence and the Commonwealth, to ensure they were able to move classified assets nationally, and internationally in accordance with Government policy.

SHDD Secure Consignment Containers (SCCs) allow for all types of unclassified and classified ICT media. This system is deployed to the user with guidance on how to correctly package the assets in preparation for transit (in the case that this is to be undertaken by the client), in order to ensure that the client can demonstrate compliance with the PSPF. The solution requires that the packaged items to be transported to SHDD for degaussing, sanitisation or destruction services.

Service Description

SHDD offer the complete range of transport services required to ensure secure delivery of ICT media to be degaussed, sanitised or destroyed, to all destinations.

  • secure GPS tracked vehicles with SCEC Endorsed locks
  • SCEC Endorsed (SAFEHAND) service nationally
  • national transport planning and deployment
  • secure crates
  • SCEC approved packaging – SCC TH1, TH2 and TH3 (registered patent)
  • SCC SCEC wafer seals
  • SCC SCEC plastic seals
  • SCC volume discount for large orders, on a sliding scale

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