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destruction of branded & end-of-line items

SHDD specialises in destroying branded products of all types. These include uniforms and clothing, office items, such as pens, calendars, desk ornaments, and all other branded merchandise.

We provide pick-up of the items you want destroyed and transfer these to our secure facility so that none of your branded products end up in the marketplace. Your branded merchandise is securely destroyed, with no remnants of your valuable business name and/or logo distinguishable.

SHDD also destroys end-of-line products, ensuring your old stock is disposed of correctly. This ensures your valuable dead stock does not end up in the wrong hands and sold.

Again, we provide pick-up of your end-of-line stock and transfer these to our secure facility, where it remains safe until is is destroyed.

Service Description

To give you an idea of what we accept for destruction, the following is a list of some of the items we have destroyed. This list is not comprehensive, as we can destroy all types of materials.

  • uniforms
  • branded clothing
  • branded office items
  • branded novelty items
  • branded sporting equipment
  • end-of-line clothing
  • end-of-line mountain bikes and bicycles
  • end-of-line sunglasses
  • end-of-line furniture
  • ...and many more varied items

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