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SCEC approved destruction of ICT devices & media

Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) specialises in destroying Information and Communications Technology (ICT) devices and media. We offer sanitisation and shredding of classified, and unclassified assets securely and, our service includes disposal of eWaste, recycling all waste material once the destruction process is complete.

SHDD uses state-of-the-art data erasure services, which have been Certified for Government User in Australia and New Zealand, to degauss and sanitise data from loose hard disk drives and solid-state drives, as well as those in PCs, laptops and servers. SHDD can overwrite data from any data storage device using zeros and ones onto all sectors of the device. By overwriting the data on the storage device, the data is rendered unrecoverable and achieves data sanitisation.

SHDD holds and maintains the highest NAID AAA PSPF Certification for the destruction process of ICT media and paper-based products in Australia. SHDD has, Australia-wide, the broadest range of destruction capability, with all destruction equipment having Security Construction Equipment Committee (SCEC) endorsement and National Security Agency (NSA) approval. SHDD is accredited to destroy Australian Government official information and assets including ICT devices, and media from 3mm to 12mm particle sizes, with this capacity covering every Australian Security Classification.

Accredited Secure Facility and Storage

  • Random drug and alcohol testing
  • Security patrols
  • 90 day recording of CCTV
  • Disposal auditing to commonwealth policy requirements and standards
  • Recording of serials
  • 3-point processing
  • Dismantling commodities
  • De-labelling
  • Escorted destruction
  • Recorded destruction
  • Witnessed destruction
  • Onsite destruction

Service Description

SHDD is National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA PSPF certified, to destroy all ICT Media and assets listed in the Information Security Manual, to highly classified.

  • SHDD Secure Consignment Containers (SCC)
  • secure transport
  • degaussing, sanitisation and re-sale
  • destruction
  • accredited secure facility and storage
  • ICT media, hard drives, solid state hard drives, mobile phones, smart phones, magnetic tapes, circuit boards, RAM, cards, cameras, drones, iPads and tablets, laptops, MF printers, scanners, VOIP phones, PABX systems, alarm systems, access control systems, EFTPOS machines, locking mechanisms, film, X-rays, currency, plates, recording devices, uniforms, weapons, ordinates, components major fleets and platforms, technology and intellectual property
  • 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 14mm, 20mm, 24mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm particles
  • SCEC Endorsed and NSA Approved destruction capability plus more
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience of Commonwealth security policy and framework
  • destruction

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