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secure destruction of major assets

Secure Hard Drive Destruction (SHDD) have acquired Australian Community Membership, approved for disposal projects of Classified ICT media and assets. This includes, but not limited to, digital flight control system and engine control unit architecture circuit boards, and integrated components, and other mission critical ICT, and mechanical componentry.

SHDD have developed and patented the Secure Consignment Container (SCC) TH1, TH2 and TH3 for SCEC Endorsed transportation of assets for the Commonwealth, to ensure the ablility to transport classified (or unclassified) assets for destruction nationally, and internationally in accordance with Government policy.

Service Description

SHDD will work with the client to develop an end-to-end disposal solution that will not only demonstrate best value for money but will fully meet the compliance framework for the specific asset. In doing this, SHDD will guide each client through the different security information measures in order to meet the Australia Government Requirements against each type of classification.

  • SHDD Secure Consignment Containers (SCC)
  • secure transport
  • degaussing, sanitisation and re-sale
  • secure destruction

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