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Why We Are Here

Secure Hard Drive Destruction is a division of Secure Document Destruction.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction Pty Ltd was established in 2010 by director Daniel Felice, owner and operator of Secure Document Destruction which was established in 2002.

The increasing use of computers, security concerns over information stored on computer hard drives at the end of their life, as well as the growth of data recovery companies are all examples of the growing need for secure, safe and efficient hard drive destruction. Information from a hard drive that has been exposed to an office fire and melted can still be recovered. Simply hitting a hard drive with a hammer doesn't guarantee that the hard drive containing information is destroyed.

A computer stores information by imprinting it onto the hard drive - even after a drive has been wiped, the data is still imprinted in the drive and therefore can be recovered. Physical destruction is a much faster, safer and secure method of destruction. Using the latest hard drive destruction technology, we can destroy hard drives to a debris size of 12mm, 9mm, 6mm or 3mm - from a safe 'In Confidence' standard of destruction all the way to 'Top Secret' level of destruction.

What We Do

SHDD is an Australia-wide service with secure freight services with tracking from all locations across Australia. We also have access to Federal Government-approved secure freight service for use by government departments. Our company services all customers, from households to large corporations. We operate to strict Australian Government data security standards.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction service is secure and fast, guaranteeing destruction with a certificate for every service as a standard. As an additional service, we can provide you the serial numbers of all drives destroyed, recorded on the certificate or as a HD recording of the drives being destroyed.

While hard drive destruction is our core service, our technology can also be applied to the safe and secure destruction of all media, so please contact us if you have any questions about your hard drive security or other media destruction needs and we will be happy to assist you.

At SHDD, we destroy data by eliminating the ability to recover anything from the devices. The destruction of hard drives and the destruction of all ICT and electronic media devices ensures that your information remains private. When we destroy hard drives, ICT media or destroy any media devices, we guarantee your data destruction.

Who We Service

SDD provide professional collection and destruction services for businesses of all sizes, throughout varied industries. We service government departments, large corporate offices, medium and small businesses, and even home offices - any business that requires professional secure collection and destruction services.

Our clients include:

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